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The first tightly edited, visually appealing and beautifully produced pocket travel guide to Eritrea! First of its kind! The perfect companion to help first time visitors and the Eritrean diaspora explore independently. You are guaranteed, we have been there, had a look for ourselves and share with you what we have really experienced first hand. Make sure to get yours today!

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The 3 parts to the travel guide

  1. GUIDE BOOKLET - This Guide Booklet is concise and has up to date information about all of Eritrea’s regions with colourful pictures.
  2. STRRET MAP OF ASMARA - Explore the handy Street Map of Asmara featuring main attractions and historical landmarks.
  3. ROAD MAP OF ERITREA - The first revolutionary Road Map of Eritrea with detailed information that help you make the most of getting around.

So What was The challenge?

Identification of need

In the 21st century, nation branding has grown to be busy business. Brand Eritrea is designed to capture the spirit of the country, its people and way of life. From the independent attitude of the people to the pristine nature, timeless traditions and enduring values.

The main purpose was to share exciting parts of eritrea that generate value for people and businesses alike. In this context, traveling with powerful pieces of knowledge is just one of the means to achieve this end. This finding paved the way for an extensive and challenging project that allowed us to create a brand that comprehends a wide range of unique and versatile solutions

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About The Designer

"I am not African because I was born in Africa but because Africa was born in me."

Kwame Nkrumah

The above quote has always resonated with me, so when I went to Eritrea in September 2011, I was inspired to design a pocket travel guide that would help the Eritrean diaspora and tourists alike to explore Eritrea independently. I also wanted to highlight the positives of my journey to encourage and uplift the mood in our society.

We see and hear a lot of unfavourable publicity towards Eritrea and Africa as a whole from a lot of sources which has become the norm but, I feel this can change only if we all take action in a positive direction.

As a designer and business man I am continiously looking for products to create based on my experience. I am also fortunate enough to have wonderful people around me, like Henock (Project Manager), Desta {Writer and Editor), Teddy (Travel Guide) in Eritrea and my family who supported me throughout the project.

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